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Boat Tours

Welcome to our Boat Tours page! Here, you can explore our range of sightseeing and sunset cruises, each offering a unique way to experience the beauty of our surroundings. From couple travelers to large groups, we have the perfect tour for you. Discover more about our different cruises below, including details on the sights you'll see and the activities you can enjoy onboard. Join us for a relaxing journey on the water and immerse yourself in the magic of our sunsets and scenery. Let's start exploring!

Get Together
2h private Dolphin cruise

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Get Together
2h private Dolphin cruise

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boat tour in Palm Coast Florida, Hammock Beach Resort

Get Together on a Dolphin Cruise aboard Mystic Knot Boat Tours in Palm Coast, St. Augustine area is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Intracoastal Waterways with your family or friends.

Join us for a daytime excursion or a breathtaking Sunset Cruise that updates its departure times with each Sunset Time to ensure you enjoy every moment of this beautiful natural spectacle.

Our 5-star rated Dolphin Cruise is not just a regular boat tour - it's a unique experience tailored to your needs and preferences. With us, you'll have a private boat ride that includes everything you need for your comfort and pleasure, from snacks and drinks to a knowledgeable captain who knows the best spots for dolphin watching.

Unlike some of our competitors, our Sunset Cruise is designed to give you ample time to admire the changing colors of the sky from start to finish. Whether you want to relax with your loved ones or celebrate a special occasion, Mystic Knot Boat Tours has got you covered.

Book your Dolphin Cruise today and discover the beauty of Palm Coast's Intracoastal Waterways with Mystic Knot Boat Tours - the premier boat tour company in St. Augustine area.


Ultimate Water Fun
2-hr Boat+Jet Ski Combo

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Looking for the ultimate water adventure in Palm Coast?
Look no further than Mystic Knot Boat Tours!

Our "Ultimate Water Fun" package offers a new level of excitement on the water, with the perfect mix of activities to keep everyone entertained.
Rent a boat with jet skis and experience the thrill of riding the waves and exploring the Intracoastal Waterway.

For those who prefer a solo adventure, we also offer jet ski rentals.

Check out our Jet Ski page for more details and our Jet Ski Rental Policy.
Don't settle for an ordinary day on the water.
Make it unforgettable with Mystic Knot Boat Tours!

Contact us today to book your ultimate water fun experience.

White Sand and Stone

3h private BOAT TOUR

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Dolphin Cruise_edited.jpg

Embark on a captivating journey with Mystic Knot's "Fort Matanzas Adventure," a premier boat tour experience that takes you through the scenic waterways to the historic Fort Matanzas National Monument.
Our luxurious 33ft boat offers unparalleled comfort and style as you glide across the waters, making this adventure perfect for those seeking a blend of history, nature, and relaxation.

Discover the untouched beauty of Florida's coastline, and immerse yourself in the rich history of Fort Matanzas, all while enjoying the top-notch amenities our boat has to offer.

With our knowledgeable captain at the helm, you'll learn fascinating stories and insights about the area's past and its significance in Florida's history.

Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply in search of a unique way to spend your day, our Fort Matanzas Adventure is designed to impress.
With inclusive drinks and snacks, you can sit back, relax, and savor the breathtaking views and serene atmosphere.
Perfect for couples, families, or groups looking for an exclusive experience, Mystic Knot ensures every detail is catered to, providing a memorable and luxurious adventure on the water.

Book your Fort Matanzas Adventure.

Pink Sand

celebration boat ride
All-Inclusive private tour

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Romantic Sunset Boat Tour.jpg

Celebrate life's memorable moments with Mystic Knot's "Celebration Boat Ride," an exclusively personalized boat tour experience.

Tailored to honor every special occasion - from birthdays and anniversaries to intimate weddings and beyond - this unique journey transforms a day on the water into an unforgettable celebration.
Our partnership with Rodie's Place ensures your event is catered with the finest selections, matching the grandeur of your celebration.

As you embark from the scenic marina located between Daytona and St. Augustine, in Palm Coast, Florida, find your vessel adorned with custom decorations that reflect the essence of your occasion.
A vibrant celebration banner sets the mood, while a cooler filled with select drinks keeps the spirit lively throughout the tour.

Mystic Knot specializes in crafting these extraordinary experiences on the water, ensuring each Celebration Boat Ride is as unique as the guests of honor.
Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence make every moment aboard not just a tour, but a luxury event set against the backdrop of Florida's breathtaking waterways.
Perfect for those seeking a distinctive way to mark life's milestones, our Celebration Boat Ride promises more than just a journey; it's a bespoke celebration of your special day, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Discover the ultimate way to celebrate with Mystic Knot – where every detail is tailored to your heart's desire, making your special occasion not just observed but truly celebrated. 
Call to reserve your date!


Pink Sand

Romantic escape
2h All-Inclusive private tour

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Sunset Boat Tour, Dolphin Boat Tour, Sunset Cruise, Dolphin Cruise_edited.jpg

Looking for the perfect romantic escape? Look no further than Mystic Knot's "Romantic Escape" Boat Tour.

This private all-inclusive boat tour will take you and your special someone on a journey along the stunning Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Coast.
As the boat anchors just before sunset, you'll be able to take in the breathtaking scenery and watch as nature paints the sky with vibrant colors.
Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins who love to catch a glimpse of the sunset too! And what's a romantic escape without a glass of sparkling wine and delicious appetizers? We've got you covered.

Our Sunset Cruise is exactly what its name suggests. Our departure times are updated with the Sunset Time, so you get to admire the sunset from its start till its afterglow.

But the romance doesn't just have to happen at sunset - this experience is also available as a daytime activity.
So whether it's a daytime adventure or a sunset escape, make your next romantic outing unforgettable with Mystic Knot Boat Tours.

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Palm Coast Canal Cruise
2-Hour Scenic boat Tour

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Discover the charm and serenity of Palm Coast's canals with our "2-Hour Scenic Canal Cruise," a journey that evokes the spirit of a local Venice in Florida.

As you embark on this exclusive boat tour, you'll be transported into a world where scenic beauty meets the tranquility of winding waterways, reminiscent of the Venetian experience but with the unique backdrop of Florida's lush landscapes.

This tour is not just about exploring the picturesque canals lined with stunning homes; it's an opportunity to spot playful dolphins in their natural habitat, adding an exciting twist to your adventure.

Our knowledgeable captain navigates the serene waters with ease, providing a safe and engaging journey. With fuel included and all logistical details handled, you're free to immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of the tour.

The intimate setting ensures a personalized experience, making it perfect for those seeking a unique way to connect with nature and explore the waterways of Palm Coast, often referred to as our "local Venice."

Whether you're a realtor,a photography enthusiast eager to capture the stunning scenery, a family looking for a memorable adventure, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway, our "Palm Coast Canal Cruise: 2-Hour Scenic Tour" offers the perfect blend of beauty, relaxation, and insight into the vibrant ecosystem of Florida's canals.

Join us on this enchanting journey and see for yourself why our scenic canal cruise is a must-do for locals and visitors alike, eager to discover the peaceful charm and wildlife of Palm Coast's waterways.

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St. Augustine by boat
5h private boat tour

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Step back in time and experience the charm of America's oldest city with Mystic Knot's "A Day in St. Augustine" boat tour.
Our luxurious 33ft vessel will take you on a picturesque ride through the Intracoastal Waterway to your destination.
Dock at the local marina by the famous Bridge of Lions and immerse yourself in the rich history, beautiful architecture, and amazing cuisine that St. Augustine has to offer.
Explore the cobbled streets of the Historic District, admire the beautiful landmarks such as the Lightner Museum and Castillo de San Marcos, or relax at a local restaurant or cafe.
Whether you're looking for a romantic day trip or a fun outing with family and friends, our St. Augustine boat tour is the perfect choice.
After a day of exploring, hop back on board our comfortable vessel and enjoy a relaxing ride back to Palm Coast.
This experience is available for private groups of up to 13 people, making it the perfect option for friends and family gatherings. Book now to experience the magic of St. Augustine with Mystic Knot Boat Tours!


Reservation with deposit of $100 is required. Full payment for reservations within 7 days.

Customer cancellation policy is as follows:​

  • Cancellations within 2 days of the reservation start date are non-refundable.

  • Written notice is required for all cancellations by text at 386-230-3949 or email

  • Customers will receive a full refund, full credit or re-booking in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.



  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to departure.
  • Boat departs from Yacht Harbor Marina, Dock C14.
  • No pets allowed on board, due to safety reasons.
  • No smoking on board, vaping is permitted.
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